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Bethany M. – Bethany’s Story in her words, “I have been overweight since I was 5 years old, closing in on 200 pounds by age 13. My senior year of high school (just by being active and playing lots of basketball) I managed to get down to about 165 pounds and didn't even realized it was happening until I got there. After graduating high school the weight started coming back on pound by pound. When I got married I weighted almost 200 pounds despite trying EVERYTHING and EVERY DIET to lose weight before my big day. After getting married and having 2 beautiful children I had lost hope of every getting to a healthy weight or even losing any weight. A friend of my sisters told me about this program and I thank God everyday that she called me. I started this program weighing in at 237 pounds.  On July 28, 2012 I reached my goal of 146 pounds - a 91 pound loss!!! Now it's been a over a year and I'm still maintaining my weight loss and THRIVING!! I have taught my kids about how important health is.  I now have the energy to play with them and I LOVE IT!!!!! This summer I have ran three 5k mud-obsticle coarse races - I have NEVER enjoyed exercising until NOW!!!!! This is what THRIVING in LIFE feels like and it's AMAZING!!!! I will NEVER give up the HEALTH that this program has given me!!!!!