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Brenda B. – Brenda’s Story is , “I struggled with weight my whole life!  My self-image of a chubby girl translated to a chubby adult.  I tried to eat healthy but never was able to lose weight & get to a healthy weight.  The BMI chart, the scale & the mirror were my biggest heartaches.  It got worse when I hit my mid-40's.

With a sad heart, I resigned myself to being overweight for the rest of my life.  I knew the truth that my value was on the inside, but I was becoming less involved with things that were important to me & less confident as time went on.  Partly, I didn't feel like being involved & partly I wanted to be invisible.

We found this program 4 years ago and I decided to hope one more time.  I lost 50 lbs & a few pants sizes!!  I weigh less now than I did in high school.  My whole life is transformed!!!  I'm different on the outside for sure, but the bigger blessing is the difference on the inside.  I'm discovering more & more of the real me all the time :) .  I'm way more equipped to participate in all that life offers - WooHoo!”