Discover Your Optimal Health



Brooke C. - I have been a multiple sport athlete all my life and was fortunate enough to play volleyball in college. As a college athlete I had to pay attention to what I fueled my body with and staying "fit" with a regular gym routine. Once college graduation came and gone, so did the "need" for taking care of my body. I began to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and really started to put on the pounds, rather quickly too. Every time I stepped on the scale and saw a higher number than the week prior, it made me feel worse about myself and, sadly, I found myself eating MORE! On December 31st, 2012 I finally made the conscious decision to take my health seriously, for once I was making a New Years Resolution and STICKING TO IT! I am down 41 pounds so far, just 14 pounds away from reaching my first goal! I now have more energy than ever, but what I am enjoying MOST is the fact that I feel comfortable wearing something OTHER than jeans and a sweatshirt!!!