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Cheri P. - I had always been small. I was only 102 lbs the day I got married (and I'm 5' 6").  We lost our first baby, ended up on fertility drugs and had our first baby a little before our 8th anniversary.  During that pregnancy I was terribly ill and couldn't keep anything down.  I was in the hospital several times for dehydration.  My body went into starvation mode--even though I lost practically all of the food I ate I was 90 lbs over weight when I delivered my son.  For the first time in my life I was faced with an enormous amount of weight to lose.  Eating what I thought was healthy and trying exercise--I couldn't get the weight off.  I tried different weight loss plans.  I could get a little off then I would plateau, and when I would quit --it all came back on.  This program is different-- I know with every pound that I drop that it is gone and I know how to keep it off!