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Diane S. – Diane’s Story, “I was very fit but always overweight. I spent 10-14 hrs a week at the gym doing multiple fitness classes and weight lifting however at 5'4" I could never get to my healthy BMI of 140lbs or less. I couldn't get below 152 lbs at my lowest and more likely around 165 and size 12/14. After my journey with this program,  I got down to 131 lbs and lost a total of 36lbs and I am wearing a size 6. And more importantly I had high cholesterol for many years above 243. I was able to lower my cholesterol to 190 and I am beyond thrilled. Also for me I had really bad self esteem issues and I feel so much better about myself and realize that cardiovascular health and getting to the gym is an important healthy habit however it is all about balance and learning how to eat frequently to maintain a healthy weight. No more yo-yo diets, its all about creating Healthy Habits for a lifetime!”