Submitting Your Photos and Stories:

Feel free to share any of these photos and success stories. 

(See the guidelines below before you submit your transformation stories)

Send Your Personal Before and After Transformation Photos & Stories to: 

Once we receive your submission, we will review them and post them.   Not every Before & After will be posted.  

To insure your Story is accepted, here are a few tips!

PHOTOS: We only except Good Photos (High Resolution).  Especially the after photos as they should best represent your story of success.   Use a Digital Point and Shoot Camera or Digital SLR as most phone cameras do not produce quality images.   Also, make sure the pictures are taken in good lighting and with good backgrounds (Laundry baskets and toilets do not make good backgrounds)  A TIP: Using a Flash, even outdoors, can add greatly to improving the quality of the Photos.

-  Submit your before and after pictures as Separate Attachments in the email

  1. - Do not add any text to the photos and do not add the disclaimer yourself as we will add them before we publish them on our website.

YOUR WRITTEN STORY:  Your Transformation Stories MUST BE Short Stories (No More than 250 words).   The shorter the better for social media posts.  No matter how amazing your transformation is, remember, you are not writing a book about your life, just peaking interest.  The stories must me compliant with the new TSFL™ Compliance Guidelines.   Do not make promises about what the program will do for others but state your personal experiences. 

For More on the Compliance Guidelines: Click Here

How To Submit Your Transformation Stories & Photos