Most of my life I was a healthy weight however after the magical age of 40 I gained that couple pounds a year. Most people would say “2 pounds that’s not much”...however over 10 plus years that is 20 plus pounds!. My cholesterol was out of control, I suffered with several migraines every month, my arthritis became very painful and I was exhausted all the time.....I would compare myself to others my age and said “I don’t look that bad but I sure don’t feel great”...I was always trying to lose 10 pounds that I could lose and then quickly find them again... I was able to dress to camouflage my weight most of the time or so I thought... In 2009 my husband Larry went on this amazing program radically transformed his health. Grateful that Larry went from surviving to thriving I also went on the program learned new habits of health and lost 20 unwanted pounds and several inches in the most unflattering places. As a result of our weight loss and implementing new Healthy Habits we both improved our over all health...The exciting thing is that we have been able to maintain our health and have the energy to keep up with our grandson.