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Sarah M. - One afternoon, I was with my 7 month old daughter and as I watched her happily playing.  Because I was the heaviest I had ever been, I couldn’t play on the floor with my daughter without having a difficult time getting up from the carpet. I wanted to be the mom that had energy, joy, and could keep up with an energetic little one!   About that time is when I found a program that completely changed my life.  I began the program thinking this was just another “diet” but soon realized that this was a path toward finding my true self…the person that was inside my overweight body this whole time. Through my journey I lost 101 lbs!  I had an immense amount of energy, my cravings went away, and I was filled with joy.  The best part for me was being able to play on the floor with my daughter and not struggle in getting up!   Losing the weight wasn’t the end…I learned through this amazing program how to maintain my weight and create habits that led me to a happy, healthier me!