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Tim G. - After topping 250 pounds in 2005, I was desperate to find a way back to the athlete that I used to be so I signed up for the Chicago marathon (couldn't run around the block at the time!).  I lost 60 pounds during my training, ran the marathon and almost immediately put over 30 pounds back on.  Every winter since, like clockwork, I would gain 20-25 pounds and every Spring and Summer, I would diet and exercise it off and so it went until I was introduced to this program in the Spring of 2011.  I got on the program and lost 33 pounds!  But what I found really amazing is that I struggled with daily episodes of vertigo for over 4 years and that too was gone in the first month on the program and like the weight, has not come back!! 

At 53, I now enjoy a level of health and fitness that I haven't seen in decades!!